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"Before coming to this workshop, programming seemed very difficult and complicated to me. After this workshop, I think programming is quite simple and easy to learn!"

Cyrena, St. Paul's Secondary School

About First Code Academy

First Code Academy (FCA) is the top kids coding and STEM education institute located in Hong Kong that teaches students, from 5 to 18 years old, how to code. We provide coding and STEM workshops, courses, and holiday camps.

Proprietary, Age-Appropriate Curriculum

First Code Academy develops proprietary, structured curriculum for students to learn computer coding and STEM skills, but also the computational thinking and entrepreneurship mindset. Since launched in 2013, the team has taught over 4,000 students in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan with projects-based, small group classroom environments.
First Code Students Explore Opportunities Around the World

Professionally, Internationally Qualified Team

First Code Academy teaching team is led by two MIT-certified Master Trainers, Michelle Sun and Samiya Nadaf. The Master Trainers program is hosted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where globally 30 trainers were certified to teach STEM and Computer Coding skills to primary and secondary school students.
Michelle, our co-founder and lead instructor, is always excited to see First Code's students in the classrooms

Regional Presence and International Recognition

First Code Academy is a team of passionate STEM educators, is headquartered in Hong Kong, with workshops and courses operating in both Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. Their work has been featured on international media and press, including BBC, CNN, Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

Students' App Showroom

First Code's Student App First Code's Student App First Code's Student App First Code's Student App First Code's Student App First Code's Student App First Code's Student App First Code's Student App First Code's Student App First Code's Student App

"It is really interesting and informative experience. You can learn a lot of new functions to create an app and real life examples that relate to that functions."

Kaylin, Hong Kong International School


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