Introduction to Swift 4.2 (Age 12-14)

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Language: English

The course allows learners to explore and experiment with Swift, making it a more interactive and responsive experience.

By the end of this first course, students will be able to demonstrate intermediate application of programming in Swift, the powerful new programming language for iOS. Guided by best practices they will become proficient with syntax, object-oriented principles, memory management, functional concepts and more in programming with Swift.




  • Completed First Code's AX/AC 200 series, or
  • Contact us for an assessment on previous Web Programming or Python experience


  • MacBook with Xcode installed
    • System requirement: High Sierra or Above


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Unit 1 - Getting Started with App Development

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Swift and Playgrounds
    • Learn how to use playgrounds to write, run, and prototype Swift code.
  • Chapter 2: Constants, Variable and Datatype
    • Learn about two basic language components, constants and variables and how to use them.
  • Chapter 3: Operators
    • Learn the basic mathematical operators for calculations and simple computations.
  • Chapter 4: Control flow
    • Learn about ways of control flows (e.g. conditionals) in Swift.

Unit 2 - Introduction to UIKit

  • Chapter 1: Strings
    • Learn how to work with Swift strings class, including:
      • defining string literals, 
      • manipulating strings
      • Performing String functions
  • Chapter 2: Function
    • Learn how to use well-structured functions in Swift to break up application logic.
    • Learn how to define simple functions, including defining arguments, and specifying return types.
  • Chapter 3: Structure
    • Learn the Struct data type and use it to handle complex data
  • Chapter 4: Classes and Inheritance
    • Learn how to create Swift classes to manage more complex states and behavior as an app grows.
    • Use inheritance to define similar classes
  • Chapter 5: Collections
    • Learn how to use built-in Swift collection types—such as arrays, dictionaries, and sets—to group and manage variables.
  • Chapter 6: Loops
    •  Learn how to use loops and Swift range operators to iterate over data and perform logic repeatedly.


8:1 Ratio Guarantee

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Hands-on Project-based Learning

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