Edison: Fun Edventure into Robotics (Age 4-5)

Course image edison  fun edventure into robotics


Language: English

This course aims to provide a fun learning experience for students aged 5+ to explore robotics and computer science concepts around the Lego-compatible Edison robot.

The Edison robot is a powerful, car-shaped robot that engages kids for teaching them computer programming and model building in a hands-on way. Through the visual, block-based, drag-and-drop interface - EdBlocks, students will learn how to program Edison to perform cool functionalities and tricks. Edison is also a blank canvas model that students can use to build amazing creations and explore the world of Lego and model building. With each class, students will be exposed to new STEM concepts as well as learn about the different blocks and commands.

The course is designed to be suitable for students at the age of 5 years old. The flow for each lesson will be picture guided theory in the beginning, followed by an activity on building and/or programming Edison around the concepts taught.




  • Requires basic knowledge of iPad (For 5 years and above)


  • An iPad
  • A mindset to create and experiment!


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