Tickle: Visual Programming for The Connected World (Age 6-8)

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Language: English

The Tickle course aims to equip young curious minds with computer programming concepts as well as robotics. Students explore programming concepts using robotics on the iPad app, Tickle. Similar to Hopscotch and ScratchJr, this app allows the creation of small programs using color coded blocks, and allows interaction of characters and robots.

Students start with basic computing commands including movements, looks and sounds, then integrate their computing commands with robots such as Sphero and Dash. The course incorporate sensors and motions of robots to deepen students' understanding on essential computing concepts including input/output, sequences and lists.




  • Events, Motions and Looks Blocks
    • Familiarizing with the Tickle interface and creating first projects
    • Introduction to events, motions and looks blocks
    • Hands-on: Designing and programming Tickle projects to learn a range of Events, looks, sounds and motion commands
  • Co-ordinates, Loops, Angles
    • Introduction to co-ordinates, repeat and loop function in Tickle
    • Familiarizing with programming iterations, sequencing and the concept of orders in programming
    • Hands-on: Designing and programming Tickle games to familiarize with co-ordinates, loops, and angles
  • Tickle & Dash, Sensors on Devices
    • Introduction to sensors on mobile devices and Dash robot
    • Introduction to types of sensors including accelerometers, infrared reflectors and gyroscopes
    • Hands-on: programming input and output with robots and Tickle to complete challenges
  • Tickle & Sphero, Review of all concepts
    • Introduction to Sphero, concepts of input and output in the world of programming
    • Introduction to Pseudocoding and key steps involved in planning a project
    • Review motions, sensors and x-y coordinates
    • Hands-on: designing a project to linking in input and output with two robots using Tickle




Basic reading ability


  • Got an iPad? Bring it along with charger (or reserve one from us)!
  • A mindset to create and experiment!


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