2019 Chinese New Year Camps

Let's learn new skills in this festive season -  February 12-15 (4 days)


Turn your kids' love for computer games, technology and robots into future-proof skills! 


  • A combination of concepts and project-based learning
  • Develop your kids' critical & logical thinking
  • Run by world-class teaching team, led by MIT Master Trainers
  • Encourage collaboration - max. 1:8 teacher to student ratio
  • Offer progression after camp classes


Explore the options below:

Cubetto is an Montessori inspired coding robot that equip young kids with basic understanding of programming, including fundamental concepts like event and sequence. It develops kids with problem solving and logical thinking skills through interactive class activities.


Through the intuitive interface of an iPads, kids are introduced to block programming to control robots Dash & Dot, advanced educational tools developed in the Silicon Valley. It familirises the students with mathematic and programming concepts such as time, speed and conditionals.


Roblox is one of the most popular sandbox games constructed of Lego-like blocks with more than 65 million active users per month. Kids can learn different computer science concepts such as events and methods through programming their own mini games. They can also play games created by other developers.


Minecraft is one of the best selling video games of all time! This camp allows students to conduct graphical and behavioral design of their unique 3D world through block-based programming - they will learn the technical concepts and skills to modify video games, creating 2D images using Pixlr and turning them into 3D objects. 

Don't know where to start? Go for a 1.5 hour workshop to try it out! See full list of workshops here!