Elle Lab - Coding Camps for Girls

Empowering Young Girls to be Creators with Technology


Elle Lab is a series of coding camps in an inclusive, all-girls environment, where students will learn coding through building apps, websites and games in different course modules. Elle Lab's vision is to create a community for the next generation of female leaders who are bold, resourceful and creative.

To extend the opportunity to more females, one out of eight seats in each Elle Lab camp will be offered to an underprivileged student, nominated by our NGO partner, The HUB.


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Explorer (Age 9-11) AppJamming   |   Creator (12+) AppJamming



When Girls Code, Great Things Happen

Learning roadmap

Cindy Kim, 16 years old

She learned to code at the age of 12, then started her own coding initiatives, including the Connected Learning Initiative in Chinese International School to teach students from Grades 4 to 5 to code.

"It's really important for girls to be exposed to computer science because a lot of them don't touch it at all."
Learning roadmap

Céleste Manenc, 17 years old 

She was introduced to coding in school and has been interested in it ever since. 

"I love programming and I'm a girl. It's definitely not masculine in any way"


Learning roadmap
AppJamming I: Make Your Own App!


Going back to our roots, the first of the Elle Lab coding camps features our flagship AppJamming program for Android mobile app development. 

Through iterative design and programming a series of mobile apps and games, students develop designing thinking skills and learn to solve problems using technology. Created with beginner students in mind, the AppInventor platform introduces coding to first-time programmers via an intuitive, blocks-based format.

Students complete the course with a custom project, going through the full development cycle from brainstorming to debugging, and are invited to present their creations to family and friends in our end of summer Demo Day.


Elle Lab Summer Camp Courses

Explorer (Age 9-11) AppJamming   |   Creator (12+) AppJamming

Why Girls-Only Coding?

One of the challenges for young girls learning to code is the daunting ratio of being the only girl in a class of boys, and our students have often expressed their wish that there were more other girls in the classrooms.

First Code Academy started with its roots in empowering females to start coding, with our very first Google-sponsored workshop AppJamming for Girls in July 2013. Our belief is that coding is for everyone - not just boys - and we want to provide the opportunity and environment for girls to feel welcome to learn to code.

Our founder, Michelle, got her start in coding from an all-girls bootcamp Hackbright Academy in San Francisco Bay Area and created Elle Lab in hopes of passing this privilege on. At First Code, we strive to continue to create impactful programs where girls can benefit from an inclusive, unigender learning environment.


Our NGO Partner: The HUB
The HUB Hong Kong was founded in 2012, with the vision to provide underprivileged children with an equal opportunity to education and skills development through academic support, outdoor and interest activities, and an inclusive space and community for children to be part of.

Situated in Sham Shui Po, and their bi-lingual team provides a holistic approach to educate, enlighten and empower children and their parents with the mindset, resources and experiences outside of their school and home environment. Furthermore, due to the diverse international backgrounds of the founding group, the HUB has developed a network of devoted volunteer workers with international backgrounds.  The team now serves over 600 low-income families and 2000 members with a focus on children from 6 to18 years of age.

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