First Code Explorer (Age 9-11)

The First Code Explorer program inspires technology savvy primary school students to go beyond mobile and computer gaming, and move to create their own games and apps. With the emphasis of creativity, First Code Explorer empowers students through problem solving using technology. Students learn computer science concepts, user-centric design, and mobile app development.

Structured Curriculum

Explorer Program offers a vigorous, multi semester curriculum that is catered for students to dive into the world of computer science and software development.

Emphasis on Hands-on Building

To cultivate their curious minds, our instructors guide students through their personal projects towards end of each term. Through the process, students learn to make their own mobile apps from idea to reality.

Strong Foundation on Concepts

Our curriculum emphasizes computer science concepts. Laying a solid foundation of such from a young age, students can apply computational thinking skills to solve problems in different facets of their lives.

"My son has really enjoyed his classes at FCA. He likes that he is learning very real, practical coding and STEM skills. I like that they take his progress and work so seriously, with weekly reports and parent conferences. He will definitely be continuing for the third year."

Parent of Austin, Grade 6 student at The ISF Academy
First Code Explorer (AX202 in Winter Term '16)

First Code Explorer Roadmap

Student's Progress

  1. Students follow our tested and proven proprietary coding and STEM curriculum
  2. Start by exploring the fundamentals of computer science using block-based language
  3. Advance into to a simple and visual syntax-based language, JavaScript and Python
  4. Students dive into a set of real life problems, using the framework of design thinking to tackle the problems.
  5. Now, it is time to change the world with our coding and STEM skills!

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  • First Code Explorer Program runs from Fall (Sep-Dec), Winter (Jan-Mar), and Spring (Mar-Jun)
  • 10-14 weekly classes per term, each class is 1.5 hours long
  • Class size up to 8 students
  • Exclusive invite to special one-off workshops
  • Individual feedback from instructor upon request
  • End of term one-on-one parent teacher conference upon request
Explorer 2
Explorer imac

Program Dates


10-14 classes per term

1 class per week

90 minutes per class

*Requires at least 4 students to form a class



What to Bring

A laptop (Mac or PC, preferably Mac) with a creative mindset :)

"So far it has been a very enjoyable and positive experience for Markus to take coding and STEM classes here. I have been looking for a constructive program in the market that can strengthen Markus’ knowledge in programming and most importantly enhance his creativity and logical thinking abilities. And I think he gets that here via doing interesting projects! Thanks!"

Parent of Markus, Grade 4 student at Chinese International School
First Code Explorer (AX102 in Winter Term '16)

Core Program Roadmap

Level 1

This level aims to empower students through teaching them problem-solving using technology. From introducing fundamental computer science concepts, we guide students to apply problem-solving skills to their daily lives with AppInventor and design digital artwork with Java Processing.

Featured Courses: AppJamming, Java Processing

Level 2

In Level 2, First Code Explorers explore web programming fundamentals through designing web pages. Beginning with structuring web content with HTML and styling with CSS, we then move on to learning fundamental computer science concepts using JavaScript to program dynamic web applications.

Featured Courses: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Level 3

In Level 3, students are introduced to the fore of web programming to equip them with skills for front end web programming development. We build multimedia web elements including audio, video, 2D animations and games. We also explore the concept of API (application programming interface) and create web applications with data.

Featured Courses: jQuery, HTML5, ReactJS

Level 4

This level introduces Python, one of the most commonly used languages today powering popular applications like Google, Dropbox, YouTube and more. Students program a series of interactive games and create dynamic web applications, drawing on advanced tools to deepen their understanding of programming concepts.

Featured Courses: Python, Flask