First Code Junior 初學者 (4-5歲)

The First Code Junior program engages young creators to learn about computer science and logical thinking. Using screenless coding interface like Cubetto and beginner-friendly software like iPad-based ScratchJr, and interactive tools such as littleBits and Sphero, students begin to understand how hardware and software works to create their very first coding projects.

Modular Classes

Designed for young curious minds, this modular course is project-based and hands-on, giving them a first try on programming.

Cutting Edge Technologies

The teaching tools we use are cutting edge, including latest funded Kickstarter projects, and often shipped directly from Silicon Valley and New York.

Visual, Tangible and STEM

Each class we offer a tangible product for students to take home. We believe coding is a means to create with technology; that’s why having an end product is of utmost importance.


  • 課程是從每年秋季 (九月至十二月),冬季 (一月至三月) 和春季 (三月至六月) 獨立開課
  • 每期共有 10-14 堂,每週 1.5-2 小時的單一課程
  • 學員人數採小班制最多 8 人一班
  • 優先參加每期期末舉辦的專題發表會
  • 根據要求,講師可針對各學生有個別與學期回饋
  • 根據要求,在整期結束後,會有一對一的老師與家長的面談
Tinker 2
Tinker imac



每學期共 10-14 堂課







一顆渴望創作的心和iPad :)

"First Code 的程式課程真的非常幫助我的兒子,去發揮他的創意和激發學習動機。尤其在孩子實作每週的成品時,可以感受到他非常努力學習,並且期望將自己的知識運用在課程中。每週家長也會在收到課程學習的狀況與細節,讓我很放心讓孩子繼續學習。我的兒子現在非常期待新的課程開始!謝謝你們!"

來自 Joshua (香港白普理英文小學小學三年級學生)的父母
「First Code Tinker 學習者」學員家長回饋 (2016 冬季 AT102 課程)



First Code Juniors dive into the world of coding through cutting-edge educational tools and to develop logical thinking through problem solving. Using tools with screenless coding interface, students further develop creativity and communication skills through collaborative projects.

特選課程:: Cubetto, Electric Dough, Osmo


In Junior Level 2, students start programming with blocks-based coding on the iPad. Through coding puzzles, projects and stories, students grasp basic concepts in mathematics and programming such as time, speed and conditionals.

特選課程:: ScratchJr, littleBits